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NEW GSM alarm system with LCD display and Touch keypad

Model: YL-007M2DX

Products introduction :

1. Touch keypad and large dot-matrix LCD screen with perpetual calendar and detailed display;

2. GSM and land line (PSTN) dual network alarm;

3. Support 5 user alarm phone numbers, 1 alarm center number and 1 SMS number;

4. 30 wireless defense zones and 4 wired zones, each zone could be programmed individually, including the setting of defense zone type, sensor name, bypass, alarm delay;

5. Support the function of 10-second voice recording, arm/disarm/alarm delay, 100 alarm and status record saving;

6. Arm/ disarm operation could be realized by main panel, remote controller, remote call, sms, wireless keypad;

7. One relay output to control home appliance;

8. The alarm SMS content: defense zone number + sensor triggered;

9. SMS alert for arm/ disarm, main panel battery low power, external power off/recovery, phone line failure, sensors low power;

10. Support Ademco contact ID. Information that could be upload to the alarm center includes alarm, arm/disarm, battery low power, external power failure/recovery, period, manual test, and sensors low power.

11. Compatible with all our accessories including digital video recorder, wireless siren, wireless keypad, etc;

12. Support Ding-dong doorbell function, and alarm call has priority over normal phone call.

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YL-007M2DX | YL-007M2BX